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complete our online waiver

If you will be visiting us to sign up for a membership, using a day pass, or during an event, you can cut down your wait time by completing our liability waiver online. If you plan on becoming a member, you can complete the waiver online or at the time of sign-up.


Pick your membership & keycard

We have many options available for memberships including: singles, families, monthly or yearly options. Check them all out at the link below.

We have two types of keycards available, a credit card size that fits conveniently in your wallet for $10 or a smaller key fob for your keychain at $20.


FINAl step

After you have completed your online waiver, you can stop in during our front desk hours:

Monday & Tuesday 11am-7pm,

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 11am-4pm 

to finalize your membership type and get your 24 hour keycard. Contact us below for extended hours.

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